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    3 Monitors have broken in 2 months while hooked up to my MacMini
    Like I said, 2 months, and I've gone through three monitors. My mac is out of warranty(it's a 2007). I don't want to pay $50 for the mac store to tell me the problem is not with my mini. Could my mini be blowing my monitors out??? Has anyone heard of this problem before???

    What specifically happens is the monitor will be running fine for a few weeks, then the colors will start to get fickle, and the screen will slightly warp, for example, right now I have a pink screen. If history repeats itself, my monitor won't be working in about a week or less.

    Btw: one monitor was new, and two were older, but worked perfectly prior to hooking up to my mini.

    Any advice would help, I'm so blind sighted by this issue. Thanks everyone.

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    Just curious, are these CRT or Flat Panel monitors?

    I have had 3 minis over the years and never had one issue with any monitor and I have many.

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    Seems a bit unusual to me that the mini would cause the monitors to go bad. Usually if there's a problem with the usually only get bad video signal to the monitor, but nothing that does any damage to the monitor.

    Of course 3 bad monitors seems sort of coincidental as well. Have you tried hooking these "bad" monitors up to a 2nd computer to confirm that they are bad?


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    Quote Originally Posted by dtravis7 View Post
    Just curious, are these CRT or Flat Panel monitors?

    I have had 3 minis over the years and never had one issue with any monitor and I have many.

    1 flat, 2 old-ish crt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stupidmac View Post
    1 flat, 2 old-ish crt.
    In the monitor contol panel have you tried to reset or degress them.

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