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Thread: Recovering a RAID Drive that won't mount

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    Recovering a RAID Drive that won't mount
    Hey guys,

    Any advice on this would be throughly appreciated, I'm in a bit of a dilemma.

    I recently bought a Lacie 2big Raid drive with 2 x 1 TB drives for backup of my images (I'm a photographer).

    Everything was fine, mounted the drive, formatted, and used SilverKeeper to transfer all my previous work onto the drive which was formatted with RAID 1 (mirrored).

    The files all seemed to transfer across fine, size was the same, and I had a quick flick through the drive and images where all ok. So needing to use the drive that these images CAME off, I formatted that, and put that to use where it was needed.

    So in summary I had the Lacie RAID 1 as my 2 sources of backup at this point. I thought everything was fine at this point.

    Now maybe a few months on when I have to track back for files, I noticed quite a few folders had been corrupted, for example, opening a job folder, and every type of image file, jpeg's, tiffs, and PSD's would all say they are corrupt when I tried to open them in Photoshop. Some of these jobs where 20GB of RAW and edited images, all corrupt.

    So, reading through my manual for the Lacie, it said I could remove the 2nd drive, without altering the 1st drives data.

    With this I removed the second drive, trying to narrow out any problems with the RAID. Mounted the disc, same corrupt files.

    I then replaced the second drive back to the RAID, which the instructions said was fine, and it would just rebuilt the mirror, so I left if for a few hours while it rebuilt the second drive.

    Now my problem, the RAID has finished mirroring the drives, and now my MacPro or Powerbook won't let me mount the drive without formatting it which I obviously can't do, It brings up Disk Utility when the drive is switched on and wants me to format the drive to mount it.

    I guess my question is, is there a program that can force mount a drive onto OSX, so I can get access to this drive to recover it? I have all the recover programs needed once the disc is mounted, I just can't get it to that point.

    I just need to get the drive mounted first, then I can worry about the bloody corrupt files on it.

    Any help please?

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    Can Disk Utility show you how much free space is available on the drive or does it point blank want to wipe it?

    Did you push the RAID selection button at the back at any stage?

    I have the same drive connected to my Mac Pro for Time Machine. I'm slightly worried because the only time it wouldn't mount and when OS X would prompt me to format it was when I changed the RAID mode and the two drives got wiped automatically...

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