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Thread: Router Installation Killed My Airport Card?

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    Router Installation Killed My Airport Card?
    Yesterday I was installing the software necessary to run my Linksys-Cisco router from my Macbook Pro.

    The installer opened up the Terminal, which opened up an installation wizard. The installer seemed to freeze while searching for the internet, so, I force-quit it and then restarted the program. I had to plug directly into the router with an ethernet cord for the installation. The second time around, it worked fine for the router (which is working perfectly) but my airport card refuses to turn back on.

    The installer seems to have disabled my airport card in order to work, and does not seem to have any script to restart it.

    I called AppleCare, who had me go to the network pane in the system pref, delete the "Airport" icon with the "-" minus button, and then re-add it. The airport comes back, says, "Inactive," but when you click "Turn on Airport," the airport freaks out and goes Inactive again, and the button "Turn On Airport" goes faded so you can't click it again.

    At that point, AppleCare said this was a software issue and to call Linksys Tech Support.

    I then called Linksys-Cisco tech support, and they gave the ever-typical, though becoming less frequent, "we don't know how to work with Macs" response.

    So, now I am looking for other knowledge out there. Does anyone know how to find out what is stopping the Airport from becoming active again?

    If not, I'll have to drive a few hours to the Mac Store to go to the Genius Bar... and if that doesn't work, ???

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    This is a real "head scratcher". The only thing I can think of is that "possibly" the Linksys-Cisco router software messed with the firmware on your airport card and now it's disabled. Other than replacing the airport card itself, you may be able to bring it back to life again with a firmware update. This is questionable though....

    Take a look at this thread in another Mac forum. Link

    I suspect that you're probably going to wind up driving to that Apple store and have them check it out and maybe replace the card. Before you go though, be sure to give them a call and setup an appointment.

    Let us know how it turns out.


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    Same problem
    Same thing happened to me Linksys Router Wizard hung and killed my Macbook Airport Card...

    Think that it wiped the firmware and deleted the IP address (MAC address is still there !!!)

    Tried Airport utility and manually addressing the IP in the Network Utility advanced settings (TCP IP) but no joy.

    Did you find a solution?
    OS reinstall probably works but leave that as a last resort
    Let you know if I find an easy answer!!!

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