Hey guys, new to this forum, felt that you guys could help me with my problem.

Well first of all, I LOVE the Macbook. I'm a first time user, and I've fallen in love with it! I'm sure you all agree.

Anyways, I just got the Macbook Pro 13" for 3 days, but I've never seen the 7 hours max battery life. Rarely does it go over 6hours. I've calibrated the battery before, and one weird thing is, I downloaded coconutbattery and it estimated that the age of my mac is 3 weeks! And the battery Load cycle is already 3. 3 for 3 days? I don't think that will last for the advertised 5 years...

Another important issue: apparently my current battery capacity is 96%. 96%!!! I've used it for 3 days and that's what I have left on the total capacity???

I normally use it with 50% brightness, NO Bluetooth, AirPort ON, and Windows Messenger, couple Firefox tabs open, sometimes Microsoft Word, Photoshop, iTunes.

What I'm really trying to ask is, should I ask for another one due to the "shortage of battery"? Or do you guys even consider this as a shortage?

Last but not least, is it BAD to keep your Macbook plugged into the outlet? Like, because I know some of the laptops, you're not supposed to keep it in the outlet for so long, because it kills the battery.

Thanks in advance for your help ,

Update: I'm currently @ 94%, I have 4:59 left. Running 2 Firefox window, 50% brightness, bluetooth off, iTunes on, 1/10 noise level, Windows Messenger. Is it just me, or does the time jump like every one minute?!