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    Xbox 360 to iMac 20" ideas...
    i have a 360 and want to connect so i can use my imac's display as a tv,
    i've done lots of research and found EyeTV Elgato Hybrid is the best solution for this with minimal lag, only the downside i've read in reviews are that the image quality is that from between VHS to DVD, so NOT HD but just above Standard.

    Now i'd prefer gaming with HD, so what can i do!

    i also want to know if this is possible:
    iMac mini DVI to VGA which is plugged into the VGA HD AV Cable for 360, would this work? would my imac display change? or is there a software to play the image being sent from 360?

    all in all i just need to know how can i game on my imac (as i dont want to by an HDTV) with the cheapest, best and safest solution?

    Thanks in advance

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    I may be dead wrong but IMO it can't be done.

    Since the display port on an iMac is an "out" and not an "in", i don't think you'll be able to realize this.

    Unless you buy a TV Tuner and you plug your X-Box in the Tuner, although you have to realize there will be a considerable amount of lag.

    You'd get something like this

    Hope this helps

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