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Thread: External keyboard works on 10.5.4 not on 10.5.6/10.5.8

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    External keyboard works on 10.5.4 not on 10.5.6/10.5.8
    I have recently purchased a wired mac keyboard (Apple - Keyboard - Explore completely redesigned wired and wireless keyboards.)

    and it does not work correctly on 10.5.8, but works perfectly on 10.5.4.

    what i mean by 'does not work correctly' is that: the alt-tab works and the contrast+volume works, but when i try to type normal letters on the home row, then no keys work.

    things i've tried that did not help:
    - keyboard in different USB ports. works incorrectly in both USBs.
    - different keyboard on the Mac (works correctly)
    - the keyboard on a different computer (works correctly)
    - so it is the O/S system files, driver files that are breaking the functionality
    - I did an 'archive and install' to clean out older files and on 10.5.4 the keyboard worked perfectly; however, after upgrading to 10.5.8 it does not work properly. Also, there are no more 'software updates' availalbe for the other words, i have updated everything and there are no firmware updates, etc.

    Any clue what is happening here?

    p.s. I used to have Microsoft Ergonomic keyboard installed, and uninstalled it to see if it helps, but no cigar.

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    You have to remap the keys in the Keyboard & Mouse section of System Preferences.

    Open the System Preferences utility and click on Keyboard Shortcuts. Then scroll down to the higher numbered F keys with Dashboard. Set the keys there and they will work.

    Hope this helped you

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