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    external hdd fat32 to ntfs on a macbook

    i have a little problem with my external hdd 1 tb fat32 , i have a macbook 10.4.
    As we know fat32 is limited to a 4 gb singlefile, and that is my problem.
    i want to save bluray movies and other stuff on my hdd, and watch it on my new tv witch has a usb input and a media player integrated (but it only accept fat32 or ntfs)

    so i have read a lot and i want to try NTFS-3G to read and write on a ntfc.

    so now i want to format my hdd fat32 to a ntfs, but i only have a macbook,
    is there a possibility to do this?
    because i cant find the option ntfs in disk utility.

    hope you can help me i'm trying to find a solution for the last 3 days.


    another question just came in my head do you think this will actually work because my tv only accept fat32 and ntfs, and ntfs-3g is again another format

    what do you think???

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    First, in order to reformat your drive to NTFS you will need either a PC with Windows or have Windows loaded on your Mac. Disk Utility has no way to format a drive to NTFS as it is a Microsoft proprietary file system.

    If you're concerned about being able to read and write to NTFS from your Mac, I do not recommend NTFS-3G. Some folks swear by it, but it's still prone to errors and with a drive that large I wouldn't trust it. My recommendation is to purchase the "Paragon NTFS" driver set from Paragon Software which includes a driver for your Mac and also one for Windows to go the other way.

    Note however, that the current version is not compatible with Snow Leopard. But Paragon has a beta for download that is compatible and will soon have a final version for release.


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    hi thanks for your answer
    i went to a friend to format my hdd to ntsf under xp.
    i had the 3g driver and it worked good, but i want to have it save so i tried the paragon and i it much faster than the 3g. so i decide to stick with the paragon.

    Thanks a lot bye

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