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    eMac burning problem
    Hello there,

    I have been happily using an eMac (1.25ghz g4, 512mb ram, 40gb hd running osx10.3.3) at work for a while now. It has run extremely well untill recently i have had trouble burning data cds.

    All i do is insert blank cd, copy files to it, then burn. I started having a problem a couple of months ago when it would burn the disc, just not verify it. The disc still worked perfectly. Only now it wont burn the disc at all, it comes up with 'burning failed' all the usual gobble de-goop and then 'error code 0x80020060. I'v tried different media and the same happens.

    I am thinking of trying toast lite to see if its the drive or the os. Just wondered if it was a common fault or if theres a simple solution (if only!!!)

    Any help would be gratefull.

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    In most cases its media to blame, but since you have tried different brands my guess is that somethings wrong with your drive. a laser could be of the focus, or it just may be dirty. if you have an external firewire burner around try to burn something. if it will work, that means your drive is broken. before you throw it away, try to clean it first (there special drive cleaners for that).

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    I will try our external burner now and get them to buy a cleaner!

    My other option was to tell them the whole machine is bust and i need a knew G5 running Tiger! ( we can dream! )

    Thanks again.

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    Any idea what would be best to clean the drive as the external burner worked!

    Would i just need a cd lens cleaning kit? or something more specialised?


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    From my first search: a cleaner

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    I love this quote from your link.

    For computer CDROMs, it works in both DOS and Windows.

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