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    Canon PIXMA IP5000 !!(HELP ASAP)!!
    Okay, so I have the Canon Pixma IP5000 printer and when I got my new computer it did not have the driver for it on it. I cannot find the CD of the driver and the downloadable driver from is not working for me (I click on it and it won't download). The major problem here is I have a report that needs to be typed for school by Monday. So any help FAST is needed, thank you!!


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    please i really need help

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    Try turning off pop up blocker. If that does not work PM me your email address and I will email it to you. Just to make sure what you need are the OS X drivers for the Canon iP5000 printer.

    EDIT: And post here so I know to check for a PM.

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    why is it always so simple? lol i turned off pop up blockers and its now downloading. man do i feel stupid. thanks man!

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