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    HDMI or VGA - Which offers better reliability?
    What I mean by reliable is this: On my PC laptop, VGA offers much better compatibility with my TV than HDMI does. VGA will actually output to 1920x1080 without any fuss, not so much with HDMI.

    I have a new 13" MBP - Does the HDMI adapter generally offer a hassle free connection, or would I be better off with the VGA adapter?

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    I use the the Mini port to DVI and have a DVI- to HDMI cable with no problems.

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    It depends on your TV, but for me I like to keep it all digital ie. mini dvi/mini display to dvi and then dvi to hdmi cable. My Samsung plasma has a just fit scan which was perfect since the top menu bar would be cut off when I mirrored my macbook.

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