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    Question External Back up options
    So heres my situation and what I would like to be able to do. I am a film student and need a way to back up all of my Final Cut and other media files in a safe way. I have decided I want to archive all of my projects and media files to an external RAID 1 setup (2 x 1TB). I am currently looking for options. I would rather it not be a NAS drive (I already have a 2 x 1TB DNS 323 for a movies and music server). I would like to just find an enclosure and buy the drives myself. I have been shopping around and have seen some options, but they all seem pretty expensive. I dont want to spend $100 just on the enclosure. I might as well buy another NAS for that price. I am hoping that someone might be able to point me in the possible direction of options. I have found RAID 0 enclosures for relatively cheap, but for some reason finding similar enclosures that are RAID 1 compatible has been difficult. Any suggestions are welcome.


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    i am not anywhere near an expert but my son is and i will try to paraphrase what he told me when i wanted to do the same thing.

    My iMac does not come with Raid support and i need to buy an external drive with raid built in. he found wd20000h2q 2tb drive to have Raid built in. he set it up as raid 0. the Apple store in Tampa has it for 329 (as of a couple of months ago). i got it on the internet for 299. works well but the connector is touchy and any movement of the drive and it goes off line. not a problem, if is leave it alone.

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    You are not going to find a new RAID1 enclosure for less than $100.

    Think if I were looking for one - this one would be on my short list at $150.
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