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Thread: LaCie DVD Burner Double Layer

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    LaCie DVD Burner Double Layer
    Gonna go all out, just bought a LaCie D2 external HD last weekend and tomorrow I'm gonna go pick up a LaCie D2 external DVD burner Double Layer.

    Now I can start burning my home movies but just wanted to get some tips on how to connect the DVD burner. Do I just daisy chain it to the External HD? And then the iMac should see it?

    Also shall I use Toast vs the Patchburn/iDVD set-up? Any pointers on DVD burning will be appreciated, I know it takes forever to encode video so I'm expecting a lot of overnight burning but...

    any pointers are appreciated! Thanks.

    [edit] also was looking at the PLEXTOR PX-712UF is it better than the LaCie???

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    Daisy chaining the drive is fine, though I would invest in a FW hub instead. You do not need to use PatchBurn to make the Lacie D2 drive compatible with OS X apps though. Lacie has native firmware/drivers available on their website so you can use the external burner with the various Apple applications. I never installed Toast since there was never a need for it.

    I like using Mac The Ripper followed by DVD2OneX creating a disk image, then burn that image using Disk Utility. It does not take long (2 hours and change) so there is no need to do it overnight. If you are encoding to AVI though that will take a while.

    EDIT: Not sure how long encoding home movies takes though. All I have of home video is a few 10-15 second clips plus some stuff I transferred over using EyeTV.

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    yeah i have like 2hr movies going on, its gonna take a long time to encode...

    but any more advice would be appreciated... thanks Kokopelli

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    Your system is 3 time the speed of mine, so hopefully it will be 1/3 of the time it takes me to encode and burn a DVD. For me is takes between 8 and 14 hours to encode aqnd burn and depends on the lenght of the video that I am processing. I am hoping to get a faster system this summer, so I can cut that time in at least half.
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    that's cool, i know my friends Powerbook G4 takes at least 5hrs total and his is the 15" version that he bought in Jan 2004. so not sure how fast his is. all i know is it took way too long.

    oh well, i'll stick with the LaCie as it seems suited for Mac more. can't wait to try burning dvds, hopfully i won't run into any major probs. {{{crossing fingers}}}

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    I have a LaCie dual layer dvd burner, it's great. what sort of video are you encoding to burn? and from what apps?

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    Well its video that I have transfered from old VHS to Digital 8. I've been using a Sony Digital 8 camera to import the footage to iMovie. So its a lot of stuff from VHS.

    I have some other footage that is directly on Digital 8 that I am importing as well. I've been using iMovie to edit and now I'd like to use iDVD to create menus and stuff and then to burn.

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    Well on my iBook 1Ghz it takes around 6-8 hours to completely encode and burn a full DVD (Single layer).

    That was with iDVD4 though, I have a feeling iDVD5 is faster. It took around 3 hours to finish a 2,5GB DVD.

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    just want to let everyone know that the LaCie DVD burner works like a charm w/iDVD5. For a 1hr movie i did in iMovie5 it took a little more than 2hrs to encode. then another 10mins to burn.

    This is A LOT FASTER than my friend's PB, which took 4.5hrs to encode and another 1/2hr. to burn. That was a bit too much.

    The only thing I worry about is how hot my iMac gets after the encoding. But I guess that is normal and there is nothing you can do...

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    yea, whenI first got mine, it was so fast, faster than I thought it would be, on cdr's, it was faster than my 52x iomega cdrw burner. and now, when I burn movies, it's really fast, less than 10 minutes for full dvd.

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