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Thread: trying to format a 1TB Iomega drive for mac

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    trying to format a 1TB Iomega drive for mac
    I got two 1TB drives from radio shack and can't get them to format to mac. Both were stuck saying something about a 4k block for more than an hour, I thought it was suppose to tell me how much time was remaining? After quitting disk utility on both drives each one says "the disk you inserted was not readable by this computer". Disk utility gives me an error when I try to format it again and an error when I try to repair or verify. I'm using disk warrior to rebuild it but that has went over night and is still stuck on step 1. So I have a few questions

    1) how long should a format take with a 1TB drive?

    2) how long should disk warrior take to rebuild a 1TB drive?

    3) have I totally screwed up these drives?

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    It shouldn't take long really, and assuming they are new, then I don't see what's wrong.
    Diskwarrior shouldn't be necessary. Try erasing the drives in Disk Utility (from the install discs on your Mac< and then reformat (also from the discs)
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