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Thread: iMac8,1 RAM.

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    iMac8,1 RAM.
    I'm looking to purchase some RAM, as my iMac8,1 model only has 2GB, which came with it. I've read that these models can support up to 6GB(Unofficially), and I would like to know not only where I can buy RAM that is not expensive, but that is good quality. Also, how much of a difference do you think the RAM will make in my computer? Right now it is pretty slow, taking a few seconds to open applications, and even slower when multiple are open. Will 4-6GB really help that much?


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    It probably depends on the density of the RAM. Apple computers are notoriously picky about density. I would be surprised if an extra 2GB makes a difference, unless you use this computer for memory-demanding tasks like video production.
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