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    Smile 24" LED Cinema Display
    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and this is my first post. I purchased a 24" LED Cinema Display along a unibody MacBook Pro last month and I am overall very happy with the purchase, minus two things..

    1. I only want to use the display for photo editing work as for most other purposes display of my 15" Macbook Pro is good enough and is far more convenient for general use(not to mention it uses less electricity). I need to know a way to power off the display without having to each time plug in/out out its mini display port from my MacBook Pro. Since the 24" display doesn't have any sort of power button, I was wondering if there's any way at all to turn it on and off (or maybe just bring the brightness to zero) using some command from Mac OS X or some software or any other way which doesn't involve pulling the mini display port each time. I do preferably want to keep using the 24" display's magsafe port/speakers/USB hub all the time.

    I would also love to know how those of you with this combination of 24" Cinema Display and MacBook Pro are using them and if this inability to power down the display bothers you.

    2. there seem to be some scratches/dust inside the bottom left corner of the display panel. There are no dings or scratches on top of it. I initially thought it was some dust marks on the outside but my attempts to clean it led me to find out that its inside the glass. Any ideas what this could be?

    Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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    Scratches on 24" LED Cinema Display
    The scratches or abrasions on the LED Cinema display screen are caused by the anti-static bag and the styrofoam packaging blocks.

    The acrylic screen cover has abrasions that match the shape of the styrofoam blocks used in the packaging of the display. If you look carefully you will see that the anti-static bag has rubbed the surface of the display. The shape of the abrasions match the shape of the molding of the styrofoam blocks. The abrasions at the top of the screen run horizontal nearly the full width of the display and down about 3 or 4 inches. The abrasions in the bottom right and left corners are contained in a triangular area (the exact shape of the corner blocks) and the abrasions match the shape of the molded blocks.

    These abrasions cannot be cleaned off with normal plastic or glass cleaners because the abrasion has rubbed or worn the surface (nothing is there to be wiped off). The display cover (held in place by magnets) must either be replaced or if you are adventurous polished out with a rubbing compound. Personally I recommend replacement.

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    You can use the application called Shades and control the brightness of both displays independently...that way you can turn off the 24's brightness when you want. I can't grasp the idea of using a 15" monitor when you have a 24" right there though....seems like a huge waste of eye-muscles.

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