I had trouble posting followup (about resolved issue) earlier and now see that the link I included as a reference (to old post) didn't get added to my message as a link - but instead expanded/included the entire old thread. Did not mean to do that. Sorry about that....and anyone else who reads that post below about my printer issue...ignore it. I am all set now.

Bobtomay: Reason it took so long for me to post update is becasue I only just got around to trying to fix resolve this the other day (had given up trying to fix for the most part and was using another printer for the past month).

I had some extra time to sit on the phone with HP tech support the other day though and one of your suggestions (that I had forgot to try - but remembered when the tech supp guy mentioned it) is what worked:

A faulty USB cable was causing the primary problem (no communication between printer and laptop as a result...or occasionally would work - then stopped again). I bought a new and have been printing without a glitch ever sense.

The secondary issue was that I didn't know (becasue the HP set up instructions don't mention it... The HP tech Supp guy said he knows this is bad and that they need to update the setup documentation for ludights like me)...I didn't know that I need to pick the "Bonjour" printing option when printing wirelessly.

So - summary of my printing issues (lack of printing) was:
Not due to the driver - but due to a bad USB cable
Secondary printing issue I also was running into (when trying to print wirelessly after success with printing w/ new USB cable) was I forgot to switch over to Bonjour option.

Thanks again for all your input/help last month! I will make sure and try everything suggested next time (i don't know why/how I forgot to try changing the cable)