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    Lexmark e120 network printing
    So I'm trying to plug my Lexmark e120 (NOT e120N) into my Netgear Rangemax with the built-in networking card so that I can print from anywhere in my home (running OSX 10.5.7). I had the printer plugged into a Windows printserv with no problems, but the server died and rather than replace it (all it did was sit there so I could print) I'd like the printer to just print from the router. No problem, right? It's a built-in feature! wrong.

    unlike everyone else I've read about I could get the printer to spool through the router using a Lexmark e120n driver--but the spooling would hang at 37% and never finish. So I used Telnet through the terminal and tried adjusting the MTU size, figuring it was a packet transfer issue--I tried 1, 500, 1000, and eventually set it back to the default 1500, with no effect at any size. I then tried using my girlfriend's laptop (same OS, older model) with the same effect. The printer works perfectly through the USB, so presumably it's not an issue on the printer's side. I went into the router and couldn't find any settings other than MTU settings that were relevant to the printer, so haven't adjusted anything there.

    I scoured the internet looking for a solution and found that usually it's the driver, so after much protest installed gutenprint 5.0, which is said to fix the network printing problem if you use the Lexmark Optra E driver. Lies. All Lies. I tried running the Optra E w/ CUPS + Gutenprint, just Gutenprint, and Optra E+ w/ and w/o CUPS all to no avail. The only minor improvement that I've seen is that now the LPD spooling hangs at 40% rather than 37%. It's been hanging there for over half an hour as I've registered, and written this up. I'm beyond frustrated at this point, and any feedback or suggestions that anyone can give me (other than to just use the USB cable, because I adamantly don't want to do that) would be hugely appreciated!

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    Same problem whit my E120... tray to http://localhost:631/ and change combination but same problems not work


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