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    Question New to the mac world and need help with mac layout and design
    Hi everyone. I'm very new to the mac world as I have been a PC user all my life. I was wondering if any guys could recommend really good sites that break down macs via their components and layout in an easy to understand manner. Basically, a website that describes the inner workings of a mac. For instance, what is the AMA? Like that kind of stuff. Thanks for your help guys.[p]
    Also, I was wondering how the architecture differs from that of PC's. From what I've read, hard drives and video cards should be interchangable between the 2 systems. At least theorectically. But if anyone can help discern the important differences and recommend where i can find more information, that would be a great help.[p]
    In particular, I really need a webiste that shows and explains how emac works on the inside. I found that the apple site explains the g4 and g5's really well and provides illustrations of what they look like on the inside, but i can't find anything on the emac.

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    for all apple products, you can search

    for emacs

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    Quote Originally Posted by MacAddikt
    for all apple products, you can search

    for emacs
    Hey MacAddikt. Thanks for the links. I checked out the mac website already. It has nice things about the power g4 and g5 but no illustrations on the interals of the emac or the imac. If you happen to know of any, please let me know. but thanks for the link tho.

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