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Thread: Can't get dual Video with ATI 9600 Pro

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    Jun 23, 2009
    Can't get dual Video with ATI 9600 Pro
    I recently picked up a used ATI 256mb AGP 9600 Pro Mac Edition video card.
    Its got 2 DVI ports. I installed it in my G5 Dual Power Mac with OSX Tiger.
    I have two new Dell Flat panel 17" displays. Using a DVI to VGA adapter
    on both connectors, I can get one of the Dell monitors to display right,
    the other flat panel just has vertical lines going across it...It seems like
    the DVI connector on the the issue...I can switch the monitor
    cables and the problem switches monitors, the monitor I plug into the
    left DVI connector has the fuzzy vertical lines. Can anyone suggest
    what the problem may me???


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    You've ruled out the monitors. Need to switch the cables where they attach to the video card also and see if the issue follows the cable or the port. I'll keep my fingers crossed that it's the cable.
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    Jun 23, 2009
    Angry Can't get dual video with ATI 9600Pro
    I read lots of info today on ATI and Apples websites...Now I'm wondering
    if the card is the issue... I have the two brand new Dell 17" Flat panels
    and the card has two DVI outs... but I'm confused about if their Dual Link or
    single link and if those make a difference for the two Dell flat panels ???
    The two outs on the card are DVI-I (Dual Link) Wondering if it only
    supports one Digital Flat Panel????? Hopefully the card is not bad on Port one!

    Welcome any Ideas

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