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    Question New Alu Wireless keyboard battery life
    Hi, I've had my new style wireless keyboard for a week now & the batteries it came with (3 AA's) have died after 5 days of light use (just emails & surfing the web) is this normal? (maybe it was in storage a while?) the wireless mighty mouse i bought at the same time is showing full battery??, I have gone out today and bought a charger with 4 AA's so this will save on buying batteries, Not really worried just wondered if anyone has had their keyboard a while & can let me know how long they last on average, Also apart from the usual preference is there any way of changing the power save mode on the keyboard?.



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    I didn't use the batteries that came with it as they were cheesy Chinese-sweatshop-made junk. But on decent batteries (Energizer, in my case), I've gone 6 months on a single set with daily use. I never turn it off either, just throw it in the drawer when I take my MacBook Pro off my desk at work.
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    Same... on good battery's both my keyboard and mouse last ages...

    The cheap ones that came with it did only give me about a week or so thought.
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    I'm having a terrible time with batteries. I've had my iMac since April 09 and am on my third set of keyboard batteries. I just replaced them 2 weeks ago and they are drained again. I am not a heavy user either. Maybe a couple of hours a day. I am going back to lithium batteries this time a see what happens. I think they should be lasting longer.

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