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Thread: rocketfish keyboard / bluetooth lag?

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    rocketfish keyboard / bluetooth lag?
    I just bought a wireless keyboard for my mac. It's made by rocket fish (kinda looks like the orig mac keyboard) RF-ABTKB is the model. When I 1st start using it, it seems fine...but after maybe 5-10 min of typing it will start lagging, like the characters appear on the screen 2-3 seconds after I type them, and sometimes one key stroke will result in multiple strokes (I'll press a, and it will type aaaaaaaaaaaaa) Sometimes it will just stop inputting characters so I have to wait for the txt on the screen to catch up with me before I type more. I'm only about 5 feet away from the mac.

    I have a friend who has the same keyboard with his mac and he doesn't have any problems with his. So he mentioned maybe I have faulty bluetooth in my mac.

    Does anyone else have similar problems or none at all with this keyboard?
    I'd also like to know if there is a way to test my bluetooth speed ? I dunno if that's what I would be needing to test for response time...but anyways any help would be appreciated.
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    Same Issue-Mac Pro Bluetooth lag
    I have a Gen 1,1 mac pro with a blue tooth card. I have silver rocketfish bluetooth keyboard and white rocketfish mouse. I notice after it sits for a while and I wake it up, I get a lag (mouse is jumpy) and keyboard delay. When it does start displaying the characters I type iiii geeet somethiiiiiiing llllllliiiiikke tthiiissss. Rebooting seems to fix the issue temporarily. This just started when I moved my computer into the basement. It is in a different arrangement and maybe more interference form other devices. If anyone has any insight I would also appreciate it. Thanks, Greg.

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