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    Another dumb KVM switch question
    OK, so I bought this Belkin 2-port USB KVM switch. So far, it is great! Can't wait to get a wide screen LCD though.

    My biggest question is: do I need to have my pc (desktop tower) on in order to use the switch with just my powerbook? Basically, I think I tried last night and the results were not what I expected. However, it would be nice to just have my pc off right now instead of it humming because of the 100 fans and such. This since I only seem to use my powerbook and nothing else these days.


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    I dont see why you would...Which model did you get?

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    I have a Belkin USB KVM and as long as one computer is powered on, it works. Sometimes it switches unintentionally. See if you have the same phemomenon. I have model F1DL102U.

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    I'll have to try it out tomorrow. I have model #F1DL102U

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