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Thread: CD/DVD Problem

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    CD/DVD Problem
    I've had my mac for near a year and ever since I got it, it has had this problem. I will load a CD into iTunes and the first few songs copy over just fine then the whole process slows down and I hear a noise similar to when the mac is thinking. I also cannot burn cds either.

    DVDs are a whole other issue, I will put it into the drive and it will play for awhile (example if I am watching a season it will play maybe one episode). Then it makes the same noise as if it was having issues in my iTunes.

    This is all on a macbook, dunno if there is a fix outside having to replace the cd drive.

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    Doesn't sound like any type of software issue since it's doing it with both iTunes and the DVD player. It's obviously not the type of CD or DVD since you've used both.

    To be quite honest it sounds like your drive is dying. I had to have mine replaced on my MBP. I noticed it began to read CD/DVDs very slowly, took me FOREVER to install Leopard. Then it just completely quit burning. I remember I got an error whenever I would try to burn. I took it to an Apple store and they said it was a hardware failure.

    Do you get any sort of error in iTunes or when watching a DVD?

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    I don't get an error in iTunes.....only when I try burning a cd. But it burns part of the cd and then stops and kicks it out on an error.

    The DVD does give me an error, but the error is acting like the DVD is messed up, where I can play it in my xbox or any other dvd player.

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    Try cleaning your laser a couple of times. So many don't. It could well be just dirt causing this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevriano View Post
    Try cleaning your laser a couple of times. So many don't. It could well be just dirt causing this.
    I am definitely going to try this, however if I have had the problem since I got the laptop, it hasn't been a huge deal until now though.

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