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    Need help re: old Macs
    Here is the situation: I produce Quark documents for two separate organizations. In order to accommodate the correct versions and Xtensions, I have two Macs, one for each. Both are ancient. One is a PowerPC, running OS7, and I believe the other is a G3, running OS9. I have avoided upgrades because I'm not going to gratuitously risk not being able to get out usable documents and losing the work. If anything goes wrong, I'll be stuck finding a Mac tech for the repairs since neither I nor anyone I know can work on Macs.

    Until recently, I was using an equally ancient monitor that is about the size of a Volkswagen. This spring, I got a good deal on a flat screen monitor and had no problem switching over with the G3, which I was using at the time. Next time I had to do the work on the PowerPC, however, I found that I could not use the new monitor with it - it appears that it cannot muster sufficient resolution.

    I don't want to keep this boat anchor of a monitor so I want to either find out if anything can be done to make the old PowerPC work on it or confirm minimum requirements so that I can buy a cheap replacement that will work. I also would need to find out how to reinstall Quark (4.1) on the new computer since both of these computers came to me with Quark already installed.

    Any useful suggestions would be appreciated. I can attempt to provide more concrete specs of the computers and monitors if needed. I don't want to spend a lot of money upgrading computers because the company I do the work on the PowerPC for doesn't pay enough to justify a major outlay and I don't use either of these computers for any other purpose.


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    Is the G3 a beige desktop? You need more video memory. See if theres a chip in the video slot right up next to the audio card on the board. Or install a pci video card. Look here for a chip Apple Biege G3, iMac 4MB VRAM - eBay (item 110401516023 end time Jun-18-09 14:47:00 PDT)

    I have a MAG 19 inch flat panel hooked up to my beige G3.

    OOOH I got it now... the Power mac {Non G3}will not lite the flat screen. There are video Dimms for them as well. Check with Find the latest Performance Upgrades, Firewire and USB Hard Drives, SATA, Memory, Laptop Battery, and more at OWC

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