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    Apple 24" Cinema Display, Mini Display Port adapters and alternatives
    I've a almost complete idea of what I want for my setup but I'm stuck on what to do about the screen.

    I've decided that I will splash out the extra money and get a desktop pc to take care of my PC gaming addiction instead of trying to run games on 15" macbook pro. (Note that I haven't bought either yet)

    The probablem I have is that I would like one screen that I can use between my laptop and my desktop PC. Trouble is the laptop only has Mini Display Port and the PC desktop only has HDMI and DVI.

    Originally I had hoped to buy the 24" Cinema Display and find a way to get it to work with my PC ie Mini Display (female) Port to HDMI or DVI . But I have yet to find I way to do this.

    I have since however seen a Dell display with HDMI, DVI and Display Port. My thinking was to buy this and then buy a Mini Display Port to Display Port adapter Mini Display Port to Display Port adapter for my macbook. And either a HDMI cable or a DVI cable (not sure which would be better) for my desktop.

    Does this sound like it would be a comfortable setup?

    I really liked the idea of getting the 24" display because it looks really hot (well at least I think it does, although I can appreciate it's overpriced) but it's not very practical when wanting to use with display ports other than Mini Display Port.

    What are you thoughts?

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    I would suggest looking at the Belkin Flip device. It's a little hub that takes the input from two computers (actually intended for the same laptop/desktop scenario you're thinking of doing) and has a handy remote to switch what input you're using with the touch of a button. The nice thing about these is that they also have keyboard, mouse, and USB inputs, so you can use the same keyboard, mouse, etc. on both devices without having to reconnect anything.

    Depending on what Flip model you're planning on getting (either a VGA input or DVI input) you'll need to get the appropriate Mini DisplayPort adapter.

    Take a look here:
    Belkin Flip

    Hope this helps!

    15" MacBook Pro + 16GB iPhone 4 + 16GB iPad 2 3G

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    Thanks for recommending this product. It looks like I it will save me loads of time not having to worry about disconnecting and reconnecting the cables.

    I've decided I'm going to wait till July and see if any adapters come out and if not I'm going to get the Dell display and maybe in the future if Apple updates their 30" Cinema Displays I might trade the Dell display in.

    Note to admin: Thanks for moving to correct forum. Hadn't seen this one

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