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Thread: My WD Passport external harddrive won't detect!

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    My WD Passport external harddrive won't detect!
    I started using it with the WD HD Media Centre and I realize now that I haven't been pressing the eject button when removing the external drive from the media centre, just turning it off then unplugging it. Now, I'm sure it's related to something with the media centre, it won't detect on either my Macbook or the HD Media Centre again. The USB light on the media center just flashes and it says "No storage present" onscreen.

    HELP! I have valuable stuff on this drive, I need to be able to access it again... Any ideas?

    Disk utility doesn't read it either. The little lights just keep flashing but nothing happens. I need the stuff on the drive and I'd like to continue using it with the media centre (I'll just eject it properly....)


    Thank you.
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    The drive may be defective. Even if it's unplugged without ejecting it first, the drive should still show up in Disk Utility. Unplugging a drive or turning it off without ejecting can and will cause a loss of data especially if the drive was being written to at the time. However, that generally won't effect the mechanics or logic of the drive.

    You can give Data Rescue II a try and see if you can access your data that way, but there are no guarantees that it will work. And the program is a bit pricey at $99 US.



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