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    problem with canon pixma mp600
    I have just purchased my first Mac (iMac). When I installed my Canon Pixma mp600, the computer recognized it and will print without any problem. However, the computer cannot read the level of the ink and does not give me access to change any printer preferences, such as speed, paper quality, etc. In OpenOffice, the "Preferences" button shows up but is greyed out.

    I downloaded and installed the latest driver from the Canon Support site but it doesn't seem to make a difference.

    Any other ideas?


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    Lightbulb Re: problem with canon pixma mp600
    As a recent convert to Macs I also experienced this problem. It took me months to figure out how to get the same print options for the Pixma MP600 on OS X as on Windows.

    If your drivers are installed correctly then the trick is just to find where the print options are on a Mac.

    The Pixma options are found a little differently in each application, but once you find them in one application you will get the idea. Without a screen shot it is difficult to describe, but here it goes.

    1. Select File | Print menu item from the application you want to print from.

    2. There is usually an arrow button to the right of the drop-down list with your printer’s name. Click it when it is pointing down. (It is a chubby button, and doesn’t look that much like an arrow to me…) (Screen 1)

    3. This next step will look a little different depending on the application that you are trying to print from. There will be a drop-down list that appeared after clicking the chubby arrow button. Explore the options in this drop-down list to see all of the MP600 print settings that you are used to from Windows.
    a. In OpenOffice this drop-down is in the middle with a line around it.
    b. Mine shows “Layout” as the default option. (Screen 2)

    c. When you click the "Layout" drop-down you can select Duplex and other settings and the corresponding options will appear below. (Screen 3)

    Everyone thinks Macs are so easy, but it is difficult to make the transition. I find that many options are so well hidden on the Mac it takes me forever to find them. I had to look-up how to do screen shots for this response…

    Good luck. If my instructions don’t work then you have a problem with your drivers and should call Canon.

    The ink levels for the Pixma don't seem to show-up on a Mac, but at least this printer shows you their levels on the little screen.

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