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    I just bought a MBP (hasn't come in yet), and I will need a case for it. I really like the case I have for my iBook 12" right now, but I don't think the 13.3" will fit in it very well. I want one that is pretty much identical to it in features, though:
    zipper on only one side (not three)
    and 1-2 thin external pockets

    I realize I'm quite picky, but I know what I want. Marware sells pretty much the same thing (in fact, my current one is Marware), but I can't get it for under $50, and I was hoping for no more than $30. Does anyone know where I might be able to find one? I've looked in quite a few places, but so far Marware seems to be the only ones to even sell this design at all no matter what price.

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    You just spent over $1000 on a new machine and you're worried about spending $20 more for a high quality case of your choice?

    Buy the Marware.


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    Jul 09, 2006
    Madison, WI
    13" MBP (2009) 2.26GHz, 160GB, 2GB
    Well I see no reason to spend more than I have to. I got the bare bones MBP as it is, and I know there are plenty of cheaper cases that will protect it just as well as an expensive one. I know I won't use it all that much. My laptop pretty much stays in my apartment most of the time, but it does come with me occasionally.

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