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    PowerBook 520c
    please help finding power supply, PowerBook 520c
    Hey guys,
    My uncle just found an old mac PowerBook 520c somewhere and he gave it to me. Its alittle beat up but altogether I think I'll be able to get it to run.
    It didnt come with anything, so that means no power supply.

    This page says it needs "power supply: M1893 or M1910"
    And im having trouble finding one. I've only ever had linux and windows computers so i dont know where to get anything for supa old macs.

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated, thx.

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    Have you tried ebay? Thats usually a good place to start
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    Here is a link to a Canadian dealer who has used power supply for your model, part number M1893:-

    Apple PowerBook Laptop AC Adapter M1893 ADP-48BB Power Supply! - Toronto Computer Parts For Sale - Kijiji Toronto

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