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sputacus 06-12-2009 10:58 PM

External hard drive no longer mounts
I have a MBP unibody 17" (early 2009) running OSX 10.5.7. I had a G-Tech mini 320GB/7400rpm external hard attached via the FW-800 port. Everything was fine until this morning when my system crashed while loading Windows XP (VMware Fusion). I had to force a shut-down.

After rebooting, I discover that the G-tech mini doesn't mount. It is seen by Disk Utility as an un-formatted drive having a total capacity of 0. I'm not able to perform any operations or diagnostics as those options are grayed-out and/or non-selectable. DiskWarrior does not see the drive. Tech Tools Pro sees it, but like Disk Utility, I'm not able to run a diagnostic or operation. I have a G-Drive Q 750 GB drive that does mount to my system.

Is my G-drive mini dead? Is there anything I can do short of sending it in for repair or replacement? Fortunately, I'm pretty diligent about backing things up, so I'm not losing any data...

Kevriano 06-13-2009 12:27 AM

If Disk Utility won't even let you format the drive then I'm afraid it would seem to have died.
There are data recovery programs out there that may well be able to recover stuff for you, but they cost the earth and if your happy your not losing anything, then I'd cut my losses and replace it. Repairing the drive itself is probably not worth it either really, not with how cheap they are now.

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