I am currently saving up to upgrade my iMac PowerPc G4 as its a good few years old now!! I have a brand new flat screen TV and wanted to connect my mac to my TV.

One of my friends came round to sort some software out for me and did show me how to to do this but he connected via a mac mini.

my iMac has a mini DVI port and my TV has HDMI, audio ports, video ports, PC ports and a few others! Excuse my lack of knowledge here but I wanted to make sure i brought the correct cables!

Do I purchase a mini DVI to DVI cable and then a DVI to HDMI cable or a DVI to VGA cable? Also, do i need a separate stereo jack or similar for the audio?

Thanks for you patience reading this! Just trying to make the best out of my old mac until I can afford a new one!