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Thread: Battery Problems!

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    Battery Problems!
    i got a new battery for my mac book a month or so ago (old one failed), and its on cycle count 19. all of a sudden, after being away for a few days its has failed again, and claims to have 2;23 left to charge, but isnt changing, and it powers off when i unplugit. last time it failed it was after a period of unuse as i was on holiday. does any one know if this is a familiar problem, that if i use it everyday, then stop for a few days, is it likely to fail?
    thanks, robbie

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    Seems you have not been nice to your batteries - see here but you could try resetting your SMC here My first battery failed at 12 months and 60 odd cycles but they want my MBP for testing before they will replace that battery under warranty if it fits the criteria. That may be in your future as well if you want to chase it up.

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