Hi guys,

I suspect you may think this is a bad idea but i thought I'd test the waters. I've just bought a 1TB WD drive USB 2.0 and wonder what is the best way to back up a Power PC 10.3.9 G5, an Intel (10.4.11) MacBook AND my PS3.

I was planning on using SuperDuper! but they recommend not using a FAT32 formatted drive due to the 4GB limit - The PS3 requires FAT32 for its backup.

I could of course format it as FAT32 and simply drag and drop my Mac files (most of what is important to me are music files, docs and photos so a re-install of the operating system wouldn't be the end of the world if it all went pear shaped).

Of course I could just use the 1TB to back-up my Macs and get another drive for the PS3, it's just my life is being taken over by external HDs!

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.