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Thread: Ext HD recovery

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    Ext HD recovery
    im sure this has been covered in another post, but i have to wait 130 seconds between searches now.

    i have a Western Digital 500g ext hd that seems to have crashed on me. everything i have is on this ext hd. my internal hd only holds 128g so i only used it to hold my OS and some apps. over the last couple days my computer would freeze suddenly and give me the beach ball. i would have to force restart. i narrowed it down to something to do with my ext hd. i brought it to work, and the same thing happened on my g5 here. it would lock up my entire computer. i just restarted and now its saying, "the disk you inserted is not readable by this computer." i can here a repetative "click" pattern, which ive heard before on failing hd's. does anyone know of a good recovery company? i cant lose anything off of this. all my graphics projects/music etc..... is on this. its fairly new, less than a year, so ill check my warranty. thanks for any help.
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    See the link in this section "The disk was not repairable" to see if that helps your situation.

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