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    Seagate Free Agent - MS-DOS (FAT) not readable
    Dear All,

    I ve just bought a Seagate Free Agent 750 GB. Connected it to my mac and ensured that it would be formated totally as a MS-DOS (FAT 32) format, as my dvd player (samsung HT-X) can only read this format.

    As you can see, picture 2 is the "settings" of the HD, while picture 3 is the "settings" of a simple USB STICK.

    With the USB stick, NO PROBLEMO, the DVD player can read all files on it, NOT with the External Hard Drive... WHY??? (the same files on both, of course)

    I don t understand why the DVD player can read the USB stick and not the HD +++++ I want to mention that my housemate's hard drive (toshiba) works also very well!!!


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