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    Partition an External with information still on it...?
    Is it possible to partition an external hard drive when there are still files on it? I'm on a 15"MBP OSX10.4 and I'm using a 500gb WD mybook studio edition.

    My mac has been running a bit iffy lately and I wanted to back it up but don't have enough money right now for another external. I already have about 300gb on it and wanna try to split it into 350/150.

    If it is possible can anyone give me directions or point me to a site where I can figure it out?


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    It is possible with Disk Utility IF there's enough free contiguous space to create another partition. Since you already have 300 GB on that external, I rather doubt you can do it. What format are you using on the external drive?

    If it's formatted as FAT-32 rather than HFS+, you can use the free GParted Linux utility to non-destructively create another partition.


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