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    Connecting MacBook Pro to Television
    Hello everyone,

    I am really bad with computers and such so this question may be difficult to explain, so please bear with me. Basically, I would like to hook my MacBook Pro up with my television so that I can watch YouTube videos, etc. of old shows that I used to watch without going through the process of burning each of them to a DVD and watching them through there.

    Unfortunately, I do not know if this is even possible with the television I have -- and if so what cables I need. I have a Sony KP-43HT20 rear projection television. I don't know what kind of input/output it has -- I have seen things online about DVI and VGA, but I don't know what those terms mean. I don't use an S cable -- I use HD composite cables for the connection between my television and DVD player.

    So basically I would like to know if what I am trying to do is at all possible. If so, what cables should I purchase?

    Thank you SO MUCH in advance! I really appreciate it!

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    What year\model of MacBook Pro do you own? The newer models use a mini display port output. Whichever model you own will require an adapter from the output of the MBP to whatever cable that could be connected to the input of your TV. And you may also need an audio cable from the MBP to the TV.

    If you have a user manual for the Sony, look to see what video and audio inputs it will accept. For example: Does it have a VGA input? Does it have an input for HDMI? Audio input?

    Note however: A rear projection TV may or may not look good when hooked to a computer video output. It depends on the native resolution of the TV and whether or not you will be able to get a picture without any distortion.


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    According to Sony's website, your tv has VGA and DVI inputs. VGA has 15 pin holes and is smaller. This is what the various DVI connections look like here.
    As for how to connect, as was mentioned it depends on what model you have.

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