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    Second Mighty Mouse won't work
    I am the proud owner of a Power Book I have a Mighty Mouse for some weeks which works properly. I bought a second Mighty Mouse to be able to leave one at home and one at the office.
    But the new one is not working - even if I turn off the other one and just turn on the new one.
    I am very thankful for any ideas...


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    You have one MM at home and one at the office? Used on the same Powerbook? If I understand what you're saying then....

    Wired MM or wireless blue tooth? If they're both wireless blue tooth models, you'll have to "pair" the second one to your Powerbook before it will operate. And you'll need to repeat that for the MM at home. Again assuming they're both being used on the same machine.


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    Apr 03, 2009
    Thanks for your help!
    Same Powerbook - one MM at home, one at the office, right. Both Bluetooth.

    I figured out that I had to set up a new Bluetooth Device (the other mouse). Works properly now.

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