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    Epson Printer Margins Problem
    I have an old Epson Stylus Color 600 printer that's connected to my 24" Imac via Gutenprint and a Keyspan adaptor. So far this setup has worked ok. It's not ideal. I need to unplug and plug-in the usb cable after each print job in order to print multiple jobs. I know I should get another printer ideally, but I keep hanging on to this one because I've had no issues with it for 11 years and ink is cheap (I have about 10 ink cartridges on hand for it that I got for a bargain). I know newer model printers eat up ink very fast and cartridges are more expensive.

    Anyways, starting today when it prints, the left hand side (margin) has words and sentences that are literally right next to it and as you go further down the page, it will cut out the first one or two letters of a word on the left side (left margin). I can't do anything in print preview and saving it to a PDF doesn't help either. What can I do to rectify the problem? Thanks.

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    Sounds like a hardware problem with the Epson but try swapping out the cartridge first with one of those "bargains" you have on hand. If that doesn't work, it may be time to visit your local supplier for a new printer.

    You're right about new printers being more expensive as far as consumables go, but on the other hand, they're faster, work via wireless, and sport very high resolutions.

    I use a HP LaserJet in everyday work for BW printing (documents, etc) and only use my Canon Pixma MP 620 for special or color work as required. I can get about 3000 copies from a refilled toner cartridge for the HP. The refilled cartridges can be purchased for around $25 from net suppliers.


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    Its a driver issue. Reinstall Gutenprint and check for epson updates.

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