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    Question getting everything back from an external drive
    OK so bear with me here, I am pretty clueless. ha

    I just got a new hard drive put in because my other one died. I have most of my stuff on an external drive, but I am having issues figuring out how to transfer certain things over.

    Would I have had to specifically create a backup file of my ical/bookmarks/address book to transfer them over? Or is there another way to do that? I can see ical events on the external drive. Like- if I type in "birthday" in spotlight I see a list of ical events pop up. But it won't let me do anything with them. It won't even let me apple+i them to see where they are located. Are those files pretty much useless to me?

    Even more important than my iCal is my bookmarks. I had SO many things bookmarked and I can't find a way to bring them back! I somehow imported some really old bookmarks into my safari. Like- ones I thought I had deleted a long time ago! But I wasn't seeing any files with my newer bookmarks. Is there a certain file type I could search for or something to figure that out? Or are they gone for good?

    And- is there a way to import my ical/address book from my iPod touch?

    And also- what is the best way to go about importing my iPhoto photos? There are so many folders within the iPhoto Library folder that I just don't know how to go about that without making a mess! There's the data folder, the import folder, the ipod photo cache, modified, and originals. And does the "album data.xml" do me any good? Or any of those other random files in that folder ending in like ".data" and ".iphoto"?

    And one last question- is there any way to get my stickies back?

    Sorry for all the questions! I am just so lost without all my bookmarks and ical events and everything.

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    have you tried migration assistant, it is in Utilities

    It is designed to get all your apps and settings from an older mac or back-up drive
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    OK I just tried migration assistant, and it ended up creating an even bigger disaster!!

    Any other ideas?

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    The first question is - how did you put the stuff on your Ext HD in first place?

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