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LB86 05-07-2009 12:02 PM

Can't print after installing replacement cartridges
Hope someone know what is going on here:

- I bought a Mac book recently and have wireless connection (Airport Express)

- Installed an HP C4580 Photosmart printer (and set up to print wirelessly). At first it wouldn't print (got error " no connection to printer made" or something like that), but found a workaround on this forum: It said to Open System preferences, right click (or hold down with two fingers) over Printer icon, then "reset" printer. Once HP printer selected on left disappears, hit the "+" (add) button and select the printer again. If it asks if I want to "reset?" click "yes". I did this and it worked.

-Yesterday my printer ran out of ink and I replaced the cartridges. Both test pages (for printer and scanner) printed without a problem (so know the printer itself is working fine). However, I am unable to print from my Macbook now. I don't even get an error. When I open up the printer job dialog box it shows my file in there, says it is printing or in progress....or 100% completed....but my printer didn't do anything.

-I figured somehow my printer went offline - and stayed offline when I changed the cartridges yesterday - but I can't figure out how to get it back on.

To date I have:
-Googled this issue but found nothing helpful regarding "won't print after cartridge install" etc.
- Tried what I did the first time I had trouble and was getting that error. No luck - and in fact, if I delete the printer, and go to add again, no printer shows up in the add box.
- I tried reinstalling the printer. no luck
-WHen I reinstalled the printer, it doesn't install over the last one, but adds a second (with same name) under printers.
- Totally frustrated. Anyone know what is going on/how to solve?

Thanks so much for any info!

hughvane 05-07-2009 07:24 PM

Add to your list 'check print cartridges'. Repeat the remove and install procedure, taking extra care to insert them exactly as per manual instructions.

It's easy to assume the new cartridges are okay, but there are numerous examples of faulty units (old stock). Are the cartridges genuine HP ones, or generic compatible?

chscag 05-07-2009 07:40 PM

To the OP:

hughvane makes a very good point about the cartridge. HP cartridges and many other manufacturer's cartridges contain a chip on the original and exact original replacement. Refilled cartridges and substitutes do not contain the chip and usually will not work.

I ran into that problem with substitute Canon refilled cartridges. And I know for a fact that HP is even worse about using an exact factory replacement. In any event, do as hugh says and remove/reinstall the cartridges first.


bobtomay 05-07-2009 09:48 PM

Check the cartridges first.

I just had a similar issue with my HP 5280 about a month ago. One color cartridge ran out of ink and refused to print from my Mac from that point on. When I finally replaced the cartridge, it still would not print. Kept giving me a no connection error message, yet telling me that there was a cartridge problem. I ended up having to do a complete removal of the printer from my machine and re-install it from scratch. Once done, it fired right up.

If you end up going this route, grab the latest driver/software from HP's site.

LB86 05-13-2009 01:53 PM

Still unable to print - Uninstall question
I have tried the workaround you all suggested but still unable to print. The message either goes from "no printer found" to "printer currently offline" depending on what I do to try and solve the problem.

I haven't tried anything new over the past few days (just avoided printing) but will try calling Apples tech supp next.

One thing I do not know how to do and which I think is causing additional problems is - I don't know how to do a complete uninstall. When nothing was working the other day I tried deleting the printer and re-installing it. I ended up with two printers (the same one - but one had Bonjour next to it) in the printer selection window. how do I completely blow he printer away so I can do an install from scratch?

Again - thanks so much for any help with this.

bobtomay 05-13-2009 02:07 PM

If you have installed the HP software/drivers, you will have an HP uninstaller inside the Hewlett-Packard folder in Applications. Use that uninstaller.

Then check System Preferences - Printers and remove it from there if it is still listed by highlighting it, then hitting the minus button below the box.

Grab the latest Driver from here and notice - HP is listing a firmware update for your printer just released last month also, called 'Critical Update to Prevent an Unresponsive State'. This could very well be your whole issue. Make sure you read all the info and follow directions carefully for the firmware update. Once you click on the firmware update, you'll have a link for download and directions.

LB86 05-19-2009 10:28 AM

One more question....
I am only just getting to trying out what you suggested - reason for not posting a successes/no success update:-)

I just uninstalled my printer as you showed me how to do. I clicked on the link you said to and downloaded the firmware update. Here's my question before I proceed:

Should I install my printer again before clicking on the saved download or install the download before I install the printer again? I'm guessing I should install the printer first then update the drivers/firmware.

I want need to solve this asap now because up to now I could get away without printing. I need to print now so want to do this right and hopefully wrap this issue up.

Again - thanks so much for you help. What you posted last looks like it might be the issue/solution. Keeping fingers crossed.

bobtomay 05-19-2009 11:16 AM

That's why I say for the firmware update, make sure you read everything.
And write out the directions if you have to before starting.
edit: All firmware updates have the potential of making your device unusable (usually only when it is interrupted during the install), whether for a motherboard, a Blu-Ray player, etc. It rarely happens, but it is most important to read and understand the directions prior to beginning.


System requirements:
You must have an existing installation of the device for which this update is targeted. This update can not be used for initial device installation.
Based on the above from the firmware download page, I would install that 08-2008 driver/software package first, following all directions to set up the printer, then the firmware update.
You may get your printer back just from the HP uninstall and then installing the driver package, but since you're having the issue the firmware is related to, personally, I'd still install it. If you do get your printer back from the driver package, maybe first print the stuff you need right now, and then do the firmware update.

LB86 05-19-2009 12:02 PM

OK - I hope what I did doesn't make you nod your head in "man - what a dope" mode:-)...

1. Already had done an uninstall of printer
2. Downloaded (but didn't install) both the items you suggested
3. Since I had already successfully uninstalled printer, I didn't install the newly downloaded driver at that point - but instead did a complete re-install using the CD that came w/ my printer. I intended to update teh new driver after successfully doing that.
4. I just went to install the new driver after a successful install using the HP CD that came with my seems to be wanting to install the printer (not just a driver?) all over again. Is that what I want to do?????

....Or, should I have NOT used the CD that came with my printer when installing but instead used the downloaded driver (which is the updated installation software????). And after that - only then install the Firmware?

This obviously is not my area of expertise so bare with me if I am making really clueless moves:-)

I'm going to hold off doing anything until you reply - as in,
- hold off installing the newly downloaded driver
-hold off installing the firmware
-hold off uninstalling the printer again and then re-installing using the new downloaded install software - then install the downloaded firmware (until you say this is or isn't what I need to do).

Sitting in no print/no next move limbo awaiting your input:-)

bobtomay 05-19-2009 12:08 PM

Yes, you should NOT have used the original CD. But, since you have already done so, it should be pretty quick to see if you can add the printer and have it work or not. If it does not work (or if it does and you get the stuff printed you need right now - fingers crossed for ya), then run the HP uninstaller and put the new driver/software package on there.

Don't think I would run the firmware update without the newest driver/software package. Would bet that is what they have tested the firmware with and not the original.

LB86 05-19-2009 01:15 PM

No go yet....
I did an uninstall again and re-installed using the new (downloaded) version of the installation software/driver. I then went to install the firmware but when it went to look for the devise to install to - and msg came back saying it couldn't find one that required he update (not the exact message - I'll have to try and run it again if you need the actual wording).

I then tried to print anyway. No go. If I check the printer queue it shows my file and says "printing" but nothing is actually happening. It's been almost ten minutes and it still says "printing" without actually printing.

I checked System Preferences/Printers and my printer is installed as the default (only printer) and has a orange circle next to it indicating it is in use.

Here are some other things I have noticed:

Just some additional info/observations:

WHen I go to print a document, right after I click "print" the bar that always shows up to indicating it is reading/scanning the document and sending it to printing queue only "flashes" for an instant - opposed to staying up for a second or two like it used to before I had this printing issue (lack of).

Also -I noticed that both times when I installed the printer today, I was never instructed to print a test page. I was the first time I installed the printer (successfully/when it worked).

Question: Any idea why the Firmware is saying no devise found to install to (or needs the update)?

bobtomay 05-19-2009 01:43 PM

I'd try that reset option you mentioned in your first post.

I'd also try a different USB cable.

The firmware will not install if it can't find the printer. Firmware updates are written to the hardware of the device. It's not software that installs on your computer (unless the device is in your computer).

And I'm out of ideas.

edit: The other options would be third party drivers, but that shouldn't be necessary with HP having drivers available.

LB86 05-19-2009 06:24 PM

Thanks for all your efforts regarding this issue....
Although the problem hasn't been solved - at least I will be able to tell Apple or HP's tech supp all the steps I already have taken to try and fix the problem. It should save me and them a lot of time.

I will stop by the Mac store in the AM and ask someone there about the USB cable possibility and then go from there working with them or HP.

Thank you so much for all your help. Your awesome! I will make sure and post the solution to this issue once I have one (if I get one:-) so you know exactly what was causing it and how it was fixed in the end (which may be - I return this printer and buy a new brand/model:-).

bobtomay 05-19-2009 09:57 PM

Let us know, someone else will run into this issue down the road.

Always good to know what finally solved it. Good luck.

LB86 07-03-2009 01:39 PM

Bobtomay (thanks - follow up)
Update on my printer issue from May. See link below for reference:


Reason it took so long for me to post update is becasue I only just got around to trying to fix resolve this the other day (had given up trying to fix for the most part and was using another printer for the past month).

I had some extra time to sit on the phone with HP tech support the other day though and one of your suggestions (that I had forgot to try - but remembered when the tech supp guy mentioned it) is what worked:

A faulty USB cable was causing the primary problem (no communication between printer and laptop as a result...or occasionally would work - then stopped again). I bought a new and have been printing without a glitch ever sense.

The secondary issue was that I didn't know (becasue the HP set up instructions don't mention it... The HP tech Supp guy said he knows this is bad and that they need to update the setup documentation for ludights like me)...I didn't know that I need to pick the "Bonjour" printing option when printing wirelessly.

So - summary of my printing issues (lack of printing) was:
Not due to the driver - but due to a bad USB cable
Secondary printing issue I also was running into (when trying to print wirelessly after success with printing w/ new USB cable) was I forgot to switch over to Bonjour option.

Thanks again for all your input/help last month! I will make sure and try everything suggested next time (i don't know why/how I forgot to try changing the cable)

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