I bought an APC Back-UPS RS BR800I, which is a nice piece of hardware. Anyway I would like to get more information about the present situation of my UPS and was a bit shocked.

APC doesn't offer a new version of it's software for Leopard. The reason, everything is already included in Leopard... but that is only half of the truth.

Right is that all the functions from the "Parachute Personal Edition for Mac 1.3.4" is already included in Leopard. Which is only the function to set up timings after which the Mini should go to sleep in case of a power failure.

But if you compare that piece of crappy software to the Windows XP version 2.0 you will see that the more interesting parts are not supported.
With the Windows software you can also get information about the current Voltage, the estimated runtime on battery mode, the present load (in watts) and much more.

None of these information are "build in Leopard".

So my big question is does one of you know a good software to get these information?

I found NUT and APCUPSd, both are packages for MacPorts. But both are inderfering with other parts of Leopard according to several sources on the web. Beside I would prefer something with GUI and Growl support.

I also found "APC Tracker" from Equinox, but it doesn't support my model and 134 Euro are far more than I spend for the new UPS!

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