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    New Speakers
    hey guys, ive been using my roommates Klipsch promedia 2.1 speakers with my MBP. they were pretty good but he eventually needed them back. so now im without speakers. does anyone have any good or bad experience with certain speakers? Ive looked into getting the same klipsch set, the soundsticks, and the bose companion 3. Im looking for a good rich tone without spending too much, around $250.

    also i would want either a 2.1 set or a set of monitors with a little bigger woofer to get that rich bass sound.

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    buy a stereo receiver and a decent set of bookshelf speakers and youll be golden

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    Cant go wrong with Klipsch ! I have been using the same set of 4.1 with just the fronts for almost 11 years !

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    Quote Originally Posted by clayneal View Post
    Cant go wrong with Klipsch ! I have been using the same set of 4.1 with just the fronts for almost 11 years !
    Hey, there

    I also have Klipsch. That is good and durable. If you have more budget, just buy the same like your friend's. Speaker always with you for long, so choose the right one is important than price. You will be happy to enjoy your music...

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    harman kardon soundstick II's
    I bought a set of Harman Kardon Soundstick II's and couldnt be happier. The sattalites produce clear crisp sound, whilst the sub has plenty of bass for a 2.1 setup (sub performs alot better when placed on the floor). Very happy with the overall sound not to mention their good looks.

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    having four small woofers doesnt make the sound tinny? Instead of having just the one larger woofer like most speakers?

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