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Thread: I can't print seperations! Do I need a postscript printer? Can you suggest one?

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    I can't print seperations! Do I need a postscript printer? Can you suggest one?
    As a graphic designer I have recently upgraded to adobe cs3 which intern had to update my operating system to Max os X 10.5.1 on my G5 iMac. I currently use a hp officejet 5510 (all in one) but since upgrading a can no longer print to adobe postscript writer to get any seperations etc. In the print dialog box I actually have no options other than to print either portrait or landscape, scale - the basics. This happens in all applications. Does Mac os x 10.5.1 no longer support adobe postscript writer? The printer I have currently is not a postscipt printer. I think this could be the problem. Am I right in thinking this? If so, I am looking to upgrade to a colour laser printer all in one. Speed is not important. Price wise I would like it to be under the $1000 if possible. Have been looking at the samsung CLX 6210 FX. What are your thoughts. Does any one have any sugestions?

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    Especially if you are printing to a non postscript printer it is best to print from a PDF

    You have the option in Acrobat's advanced printing prefs to print separations from Acrobat

    You can also use acrobat Pro to see separations on screen, which is fast and very handy. Its under the Tools menu > Print production > Output Preview

    InDesign also offers live separations previews Windows > Ouput > Separations preview
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    Yes! I see the Sperations on Screen but still can not print them.
    Thank you louishen
    I have just tried the acrobat advanced printing production> output preview and yes I can see them on screen. Thankyou. But when I go to print through file> print> print (since there is no other options here other than preview pdf and print) with one seperation clicked on, it still only prints CMYK.
    Tried the Indesign and yes I found the window> output> seperations preview but again still could not print the seperations. Do you think my problems would be resolved if I bought a postscript printer?

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    At one time Konica Minolta had a Color laser postscript printer the magicolor 5450. Look for a used one to save some $.

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