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    Any suggestions for KVM switches?
    I have a dell inspiron desktop computer with vista and a dell monitor. I want to get my feet wet with a mac so I want to get a mac mini but I'm not ready to get rid of my pc yet. I would be sharing the monitor, keyboard, and mouse from my pc with the mini. I know I'll need a mini-dvi to vga adapter and a kvm switch. But I'm not sure which ones to get. There are so many of both. Most of the mini-dvi to vga adapters online I've seen on the apple store don't say they are for use with a mac mini. Any suggestions would be helpful. Names of brands for the kvm switch would be helpful too. Any thing else I am missing?



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    my guess you would be better to make the jump and go for Mac. If you need windows stuff then run it with Boot Camp/Parallels/VM fusion ware. It will run XP or Vista as well as if not better than a PC. My brother has 2 imacs both running a second monitor - one unit has VM fusion/XP for a microsoft native app which is up on Ext monitor and other 3 screens for Mac stuff and a KVM switch for single wireless keyboard and mouse. Runs very reliably.and no drama with virus spyware carry on.

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    Thank you for your feedback but I really can't afford another mac at the moment... Ima do what I said in my original post however I'm not sure if it will work do you think you could quote me on that?

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