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    laptop cooler for macbook pro
    Anyone use one that they recommend? My mbp gets so hot!!!!

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    just like any computer, the cooler you can make it run, the longer it will last.

    the problem with smcfancontrol is that you'll eventually end up burning the internal fans out prematurely. just like any part that physically moves, the faster you move it, the faster it wears out. that being said, it's still a great program, just don't set the idle speeds to something ridiculously high.

    if you can use a cooling pad, there's no reason to not use one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Computer.Geek View Post
    Anyone use one that they recommend? My mbp gets so hot!!!!
    I recommend and use the Griffin "Elevator" stand. Not only will it keep your machine cool, it also protects it from those nasty spills which we often read about in this forum. Go here.


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    I downloaded smcfancontrol but whn i go to save my settings it asks for my ps of an acct w/admin privileges. well i am the only user nd i have the admin privileges. I canged my name/pw to try and see if that worked, it didnt. i went into key chain but i dont see anything that i need to change. how do i get past this point? please help!!!!

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