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Thread: iMac memory

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    iMac memory
    wonder if anyone can help with this simple little gem.

    my girlfriend has an iMac G4 15" 1Ghz processor with 256MB RAM and a combo drive. we would like to upgrade to 512MB, but i am completely confused as to which module i should buy.

    under the system profiler, the spec is: 256MB DDR SDRAM; PC2700U-25330

    this would lead me to purchase a similar module to that in my own dual processor G4 mirror-door, but this memory is too long physically. does the PIN number (i.e. 184-pin, 144-pin) denote the length?

    i have found several sites all giving different specs (if at all) on the actual memory module, including two specs on the same model of mac. help?

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    try or, the g4 imac takes pc 2700 ram, pin number varies in length, but doesnt necessarily denote length, as inches would. I think the mdd g4 takes pc 3200.

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