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    External HD Enclosure Issues
    I bought a Rocketfish external hard drive enclosure a while back, and it has never worked properly (as far as I'm concerned). It has two issues: the first is that it keeps spinning down after about 15 mins of inactivity. Neither my internal nor other external (which is actually connected via the Rocketfish) do that, so it's not a setting on my computer. Also, it won't ever eject when I tell it to. It says that the drive is in use, when it clearly is not. I have to tell it to eject about 8x before it actually does. I have noticed, however, that if I close Adium (my chat client) it will eject after far fewer tries, usually about 2.

    Any ideas on what could cause these issues and how to fix it if it's possible?

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    Unless you can return it under warranty, I wouldn't mess with it. I have found that not all hard drive enclosures are created equal. If there is an issue with the built in interface electronics, it's not worth repairing. Replacement is the best solution. What works best is something like this. Well worth the $36.00 cost and it even includes an AC adapter.


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