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    Compatible Webcam for Mac Mini
    I just ordered a Mac Mini and would like to know what is a good webcam for this. My daughter is getting a macbook for graduation, and I want to be able to chat with her while she's away at school. Any help is appreciate.

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    The Xbox Live Vision cam works great with Macs, without any need to even install drivers. My parents bought one a couple months ago at the suggestion of a friend and hooked it up to my dad's PowerBook and did a little video chat with me. If you look around you should be able to find it for $30 or so. I'm thinking of getting one too since it's so cheap and I have an Xbox 360 as well, so I'd be able to use it on my computer and my Xbox.

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    There are several other alternatives. First of all, check out:

    Ecamm Network: iUSBCam - Make Your Webcam Work with iChat

    This is a driver which says that it will allow use of most USB webcams with iChat.

    Then there is a Mac compatible webcam, a cheaper alternate to iSight:

    Ecamm Network: iMage Webcam - Mac Compatible Webcam for iChat, Skype and more

    Finally, maccam (another driver for USB webcams with Macs):

    macam : USB webcam support for Mac OS X

    Good luck!
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