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    FAT32 and NTFS and PS3
    (first of all, sorry for my other thread, thanks to the moderator for their comprehension)

    I have files that I want to transfer to my PS3, and if I understood correctly I should first put them in a external HD and then to the PS3.

    But every tutorial I found said the HD should be formatted to NTFS, but macs can't write to NTFS (the external HD I have now is formatted to FAT32)

    Any tips?

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    First, you should be able to transfer files to your PS3 from a hard drive formatted to FAT-32. The reason NTFS is recommended is because of the file size limitation which exists for FAT-32. Max file size for FAT-32 is ~ 4 GB.

    Writing to NTFS from your Mac can be accomplished with third party software. I recommend Paragon NTFS. Well worth the $39.95 cost and it also includes the very handy Mac Browser utility.


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